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How to wear the beanie
How to wear the beanie
How to wear the beanie
Styles and trends

How to wear the beanie

Put away your boater and straw number, it’s time to bring out the beanie and wool-felt hat! The cold season has arrived and you’re soon going to feel the need to keep warm. To make sure your head and your ears don’t get cold, you can’t beat the beanie! Here’s our trendy advice.

Choosing your beanie. First of all you need to choose a style. Forget wacky, multi-coloured designs and instead keep it simple. Go for versions in one neutral colour, preferably without a zip or pompom in sight. Also stay away from beanies that are too stretchy. These will tighten around your head and suffocate your scalp. Opt instead for loose-fit, chunky knit versions to allow your hair to breathe!

Prepping your hair. Wearing a beanie can be a real hassle for your hair, but don’t fret; it’s nothing that can’t be fixed. First of all, the beanie flattens your roots and can even make them greasy. To solve this problem, dry your hair upside down to lift the roots and never pull the beanie all the way onto your head. Another result of wearing the beanie is static hair. To make sure you don’t get caught off guard, keep a serum or hairspray nearby to tame any unruly hairs.

Wearing the bonnet. We’ll say it again: don’t pull the hat all the way onto your head. This is for the good of your hair and for style reasons. Instead, place it towards the back of your head or at the front near your hairline. If you have a fringe or side fringe, don’t try to hide it under your beanie. Leave it out for added style.

Hat and hairstyle. Girls with short and mid-length hair should leave their hair down when wearing the beanie. If you’d rather hide it under the hat, wear accessories or make-up to liven up your look. Women with long hair should also wear their hair down, but they can play around with it a bit more. The low or side-ponytail and a side-braid will provide a fabulous result. That way, your hair is already styled, even when you take the beanie off!

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