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Treat excess sebum in summer for hair that shines with health
Treat excess sebum in summer for hair that shines with health
Treat excess sebum in summer for hair that shines with health
Hair care

Greasy hair: How should you take care of it in summer?


Sun, sea, day trips... Summer is sometimes very testing for your hair, especially when excess sebum comes into play. Find out more about what you can do to get a holiday away from your haircare issues!

Guard against the harmful effects of the sun

High temperatures boost the activity of your sebaceous glands, which cause greasy hair. This means that your roots go greasy much more quickly in summer. On top of that there is, sweat, which causes sebum to slide down the length of the hair fibre. It is a real vicious circle for your hair, which sees the problem spread down to the lengths. The solution? Wear a hat. It will protect your scalp from overheating on very sunny days. As for treatments, wash your hair daily to purify your scalp. Opt for a re-balancing shampoo which will treat your locks. Then, apply a green clay mask at the roots to absorb any excess sebum.

Make the sea your spa treatment for the hair

Whereas the sun makes your roots greasy, sea water purifies and invigorates the scalp thanks to its salt and seaweed content. So make the most of swimming sessions in the sea to get your hair wet and to take full advantage of its benefits. Feel free to take two minutes to massage your scalp as a natural scrub treatment. When you get back to the beach, your hair will be healthier and feel more lightweight. In the evening, thoroughly rinse your hair in clean water to rid your scalp of any salt which may be stuck to your head and counteracting the beneficial effects of the seawater treatment. After shampooing your hair apply a light leave-in treatment to rehydrate it without weighing it down, preventing the 'straw effect'. This is recommended because the hair does tend to dry out with the sun-sea salt combo.

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