Gray hair: to hide or accept it?

This question concerns both men and women: should we hide gray hair? Or accept it? The answer depends on many external factors but also on whether or not you want this colour in your hair. Here’s our advice from the pros.
Flaunting gray hair depends on your age and hairline. “In fact, it is easier to flaunt gray hair if you’re over 50 and you have less than 50% gray hair. If younger, it is sometimes difficult to accept such a colour transformation, especially if you work in a demanding sector.”
You have decided to hide your gray hair? Proceed with caution. “Remember that if you start to colour your hair with an oxidizing dye (aka permanent), it will be difficult to go back to your natural colour should you wish to later. At first, focus primarily on temporary discoloration or on a few strands to avoid such a problem.”
It is always better to accept your gray hair. However, it is harder to maintain. “It is harder to take care of gray hair than coloured hair. In fact, it is easier to care for coloured hair on a daily basis and with touch ups at the salon when the roots start to show. Gray hairs need to be cared for in a more timely manner and with the right dosage. Specialized care for gray hair help neutralize hints of yellow tones.”
Our tip: There are no rules which hairstyle to choose when your hair starts to turn gray. However, if your hair turns gray prematurely, opt for a modern and structured cut to compensate the colour which can make you look older.

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