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How can you make your hair colour catch the light?
How can you make your hair colour catch the light?
How can you make your hair colour catch the light?
Grey hair

Give a radiant shine boost to dark grey hair


Fully embracing your grey hairs is both on-trend and practical. You can say goodbye to the noticeable roots look! However, the main difficulty is maintaining the radiant shine of your colour. This is often threatened by external factors, causing a lack of light reflection and yellow highlights to form. Read on to take a look at our advice on how to boost the radiant shine of your dark grey locks.

Ask your colourist for a radiant shine boost

If you think your colour is dull, it could be due to a lack of white strands which catch the light so that it plays on your grey locks. As a result, white strands should be added to give your locks a radiant shine boost. Your colourist will select a few strands and bleach them. Then they will cover them with a light grey hair colouring so that they blend in for a more light-catching result.

Use purple shampoo

Grey hair suffers the same problems as fair hair: it becomes dull and yellows due to its slight pigmentation. This phenomenon is also intensified by external factors such as pollution or the excessive use of heated hair stylers. What's the solution? Use purple shampoo once a week, as its pigments will neutralise any unwanted highlights.

Use repigmentation treatments

To enhance your dark grey hair, opt for a repigmenting conditioner or mask and apply it one to two times a week. These products will not dye your hair but rather revive your hair's colour. For optimum effects, choose a formula enriched with plant oils (jojoba, argan, etc.) to nourish the hair fibre or products containing micro-crystals to boost your hair's shine.

Rinse your hair in cold water

Natural dark grey hair is often more porous due to its depigmentation. This phenomenon also affects extremely fair hair as it is lacking in pigments. To reduce this effect, rinse off your shampoo in cold clean water. This closes the hair fibre's cuticles. As a result, it helps limit dehydration and helps make the effects of the treatment's main active ingredients last longer. Say hello to glossier hair!

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