3 reasons to fully embrace your grey hair

Women are increasingly fully embracing their natural grey hair. If you are still unsure as to whether you should do the same, here are 3 good reasons why you should take the plunge right now!

1. It is highly on-trend!

Grey is no longer a colour just for grandmothers… Quite the opposite! It is more on-trend than ever, and has become extremely popular on the catwalk before hitting the high street, giving panache to the hair of celebrities and teens alike. Dark grey, silver, pastel, iridescent – grey colouring is available in 50 shades or more, making your natural salt and pepper locks the height of fashion.

2. It means that you don’t need to keep having colouring treatments

The only effective way to cover grey hairs is with permanent colouring treatments. However, these treatments entail regular upkeep of your roots. Although the formulations are now much gentler on the hair shaft, they nonetheless weaken grey hair, which is sensitive by definition. Instead, say goodbye to monthly visits to the hairdresser by fully embracing your grey hair! Giving up on colouring treatments has several benefits: your hair is less damaged, you have less restrictions and you can also save money!

3. It has an “anti-ageing” effect

Do you think that grey hair makes people look old? Think again. Far from making you look older, salt and pepper hair has a rejuvenating effect. Mother Nature is on our side, as grey hair tends to soften your facial features which tend to sharpen and look more marked with age. The grey colour of your hair makes you look more youthful, so why not make the most of it?

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