Ten common preconceptions about grey hair

When your first grey hair appears, panic sets in. Is it a one-off occurrence? Is stress, genetics or giving birth to blame? We take a look at ten persistent clichés about this unwelcome loss of colour.

1. Grey hair is reversible

No. Once hair has gone grey, it is permanent and there is no way of getting its colour back unless you colour your hair .

2. Grey hairs multiply if I pull them out

No. If you pull out one, only one will grow back. However, this risks making the new hair thicker and more visible than the one you removed. So it is best to refrain from pulling them out!

3. Could a first grey hair be a one-off occurrence?

Yes and no. You should expect more to grow, but your hair will most likely not go grey immediately! Although Marie-Antoinette’s hair went grey overnight, it is usually a gradual process.

4. It is difficult to colour grey hair

Yes. Colouring grey hair requires a specific technique as it does not absorb dark pigments as well as other hair colours.

5. Genetics plays a part…

Yes, it is an undeniable contributing factor. More often than not, your hair will go grey at the same age as that of your parents. Of all the things you could inherit…

6. …As does stress

If your hair goes grey quicker than that of other family members, it is not always by chance. Stress can be to blame as it has repercussions on your body (weight gain, eczema, etc.) and therefore on the scalp. Smoking also doesn’t help matters as it speeds up ageing of the skin and hair.

7. Pregnancy causes grey hairs to appear

No. If your hair goes grey after giving birth, it is due to stress or to the postnatal depression which some women experience.

8. Vitamin B deficiency speeds up the process

Yes. If you are under 35 years old and you have a large amount of grey hairs, it could be due to a Vitamin B deficiency, in particular a Vitamin B5 complex and pantothenic acid deficiency. In this case, seek medical advice. Your doctor should be able to prescribe you suitable dietary supplements.

9. Sunbathing encourages hair to go grey

No. Sunlight may lighten your hair or add red highlights, but it will not cause your locks to age.

10. Applying treatments puts off the appearance of grey hairs

No. Unfortunately, no mask or serum can fight against genetics! However, you can use treatments specifically formulated for grey hair to enhance or hide it with permanent hair colouring.

And why not fully embrace your grey locks seeing as it was a major trend this year?

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