Grey hair: what make-up should you go for?

Have you decided to stop colouring your hair to leave your salt and pepper locks natural or have you joined those who have gone in for the charcoal hair trend? If so, it’s time to switch your make-up regime with one that complements your grey locks perfectly!

Flawless skin to avoid looking less than fresh

It is easy to fully embrace grey hair, however, it will not tolerate any imperfections as the grey makes red patches, visible veins and all the signs of facial ageing stand out more. To avoid having a pallid complexion, take the time to even out your skin tone with a corrector and a tinted moisturiser to blur out minor imperfections. Finally, add a few touches of highlighter for a radiant glow and apply some blusher to your cheeks to freshen up your look.

Outlined eyes without going overboard

To showcase your eyes without going too heavy and ruining your fresh complexion, opt for understated make-up which will enhance your features rather than completely transform your look. Forget thick overly heavy eyeliner and opt for a fine silver outline instead (to echo the colour of your hair) drawn at the roots of the lashes. As for eye shadow, go for a taupe or grey over bright shades for a sophisticated finish.

Nude or glamorous lips

Natural lip make-up is enough to enhance the outline of your lips. So opt for a pinkish, beige or brown lipstick that tones with your complexion and hair. All the more reason since these natural shades tend to give fifty-somethings a youthful look! In the evening, however, brave a seductive red or perky fuchsia shade which contrasts with your grey locks for a sexy look.

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