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Fringes for men
Fringes for men
Fringes for men

Fringes for men

Thought that fringes were just for women? Well, think again! Whether they’re long, short, spiky or flat, fringes were everywhere on the mens A/W catwalks 2013-2014. The fringe can make your look totally unique and on-trend. Want to know how to pull off this style and create it every day ? You’ve come to the right place…
The fringe. The best thing about a fringe for guys is that it will give you a completely new look, unique to you. Basically, fringes can radically transform any hairstyle and even your face. Tempted to give the fringe a go ? There’s so many options to choose from. Head on down to your salon to discuss what will suit you best with your stylist. They’ll know how to advise you properly on the cut and style you want.
Which fringe works best? A long fringe will blend into your hair more easily and will also be easier to style every day. It will add a surfer, relaxed vibe to your look, whereas a short fringe will work well for someone who is a perfectionist with their style. Shorter fringes will need to be styled and maintained every day in order to look their best. Think about how much time you want to spend styling your fringe every morning and the style you will be wearing most days before going for the chop.
How to style a fringe. A strong hold styling product is essential for keeping your fringe in the shape you want it to stay. For an invisible hold, try a styling wax. Take a pea sized amount each morning and run through your fringe to give it staying power.
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Find all salons that realize a SPEED BRUSH, Sa SPEED CURL or a SPEED UP DO