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Dreadlocks: the next big thing
Dreadlocks: the next big thing
Dreadlocks: the next big thing
Styles and trends

Dreadlocks: the next big thing

Although dreadlocks are traditionally associated with reggae music, they are quick becoming a must-have look for fashionistas everywhere. Even when wearing faux versions of dreds, this rebel-inspired hairstyle looks fantastic and is all the more tempting.
The trend. This summer, girly, glamorous dreadlocks are set to be a big trend. The neo-grunge look had a big impact on our wardrobes last winter, and is now starting to inspire hair and makeup trends too. Although the standard method of creating dreadlocks involves rarely washing the hair and coating it in beeswax to give the hair a matted effect, don’t even think about putting your hair through this treatment! The 2014 dreadlock look can be copied simply by wearing faux clip-in dreads, which means you can decide when and where you wear your new style.
Who can wear dreadlocks? Dreadlocks suit many different face shapes and different styles. They can be worn daily by die-hard dreadlocks fans, whilst others can wear them as little or as often as they like, thanks to the clip-in sections available. You can wear  dreadlocks all over your head for maximum effect, or go for a more subtle look by adding in a few sections to different areas of your hairstyle.
How to wear dreadlocks. Again, this all depends on what kind of look you are looking to create, and how many you want to wear in your hair. Be warned, however, as if you want to create real dreadlocks instead of opting for the faux version, the only way to remove your dreds is to shave all of the hair off! This certainly isn’t for the fainthearted, so make sure you are 100% certain on which version of the look you want to create before taking the plunge. The simplest, and most non-committal way to work this trend is to buy a few clip-in faux dreadlocks which will work with your natural hair. If you can’t find dreadlocks in store, create the dreadlocks with standard clip-in sections of hair.
© Pixelformula /Vionnet prêt-à-porter runway, Spring-Summer 2014 © Jean Louis David
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Find all salons that realize a SPEED BRUSH, Sa SPEED CURL or a SPEED UP DO