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Create a jewelled braid for the holidays
Create a jewelled braid for the holidays
Create a jewelled braid for the holidays
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Christmas 2016: an easy-to-create glam hairstyle for the holidays


This year, impress your loved ones with a couture hairstyle. Create a Dutch braid encrusted with jewels to dazzle everyone this Christmas! Incredibly simple to create, this technique is even suitable for beginners.

The "Dutch braid" makes the hair look very thick. Instead of the standard Dutch braid, we suggest you try out the more sophisticated crown version for the party season. To create this hairstyle, your hair needs to be at least shoulder length.

To create this braid you will need:

- Anti-frizz treatment

- A transparent hairband

- Crocodile clips to match your hair

- A relatively long chain and decorative hair slides

Step 1. Whether your hair is straight or curly, start by applying anti-frizz serum to dry hair. With its moisturising properties, this treatment will allow you to tame your locks and create a neater hairstyle.

Step 2. Choose a section from the front right-hand side, divide it into three equal parts and braid it down to the tips by crossing the strands over underneath one another.

Step 3. Tie off the end of the braid with a transparent elasticated hairband and hold it in place on the left-hand side of the forehead, letting it curve down just above the nape of the neck to form a crown shape.

Step 4. Pull lightly on each section of the plait to give it more volume.

Step 5. Put in crocodile clips all along the braid to secure the hairstyle.

Step 6. Weave the chain in between the strands of your Dutch braid to accessorise it. Then finish it off by adding in a few decorative hair slides (two of them can be used to hold the chain in place).

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