Choosing the right hairbrush for the right effect

There is a brush for every drying technique. Meaning there exists a multitude! Whereas antique brushes were made of wild boar hairs, today, most are synthetic and work just as well. Here’s a close up on the right brushes to use for specific effects.
For a perfect blow dry, use a circular brush. “Whether it is round or square, it doesn’t matter. It only needs to be circular so to rotate within your hair when drying. For a brushing, blow-dry your hair while turning the brush. Work strand by strand for a flawless result. “
The ultra-straight hair effect is achieved with a flat brush. “With a flat brush, proceed with the so-called ‘Mexican’ technique. This technique consists of turning your hair around your head strand by strand with the help of the flat brush. Here, blow-dry while following the movement of the brush to guarantee straight and neat hair. This also works with a large round brush. “
Curly hair is a different story! “In order not to “break” the curls, avoid at all cost the use of a brush. Comb your hair after washing it and nothing else. You do not want to alter your hair’s natural texture. “
Our tip: Blow-drying can damage your hair, be sure to prepare your hair before doing a brushing. Adopt a shampoo and nourishing care to boost the strength of your hair’s fiber.

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