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Dreadlocks, An on-trend catwalk hairstyle
Dreadlocks, An on-trend catwalk hairstyle
Dreadlocks, An on-trend catwalk hairstyle
Styles and trends

A closer look at the 2017 dreadlocks trend


Long seen as non-conformist, either worn with pride or criticised, dreadlocks are getting a whole new look this season, making an appearance on the catwalk as a highly on-trend hairstyle. We take a closer look at this surprising trend.

Dreads, rasta hair, locks... Whatever you like to call them, more than anything else dreadlocks are known for their iconic quality, Bob Marley style. Although people have been sporting them since the times of the ancient Egyptians, this look has always been controversial in the workplace. However, this season, these tangled tresses are going to hit the bigtime.

Dreads & glamour

You no longer need to be a reggae fan to sport dreadlocks. After making a high-profile appearance on the catwalk at the Jean Paul Gaultier fashion show last season, tied up into a sophisticated XXL chignon, dreads are going to make a definite comeback this spring-summer season. Far removed from the clichés, dreads are now being incorporated into all manner of styles, from elegant to sporty, whilst always keeping that rebellious edge. They are being worn more and more by fashionistas, who are going all out and turning them into a stylish must-have look.

A toned-down rasta look

Unique and impressive worn as a ponytail or loose, dreadlocks were given a whole new look at the Maison Martin Margiela fashion show. These unusual styles are far removed from the big thick hairstyles of the past, making them surprisingly subtle and easy to wear. Feel free to try them out for yourself!
Marc Jacobs took up the rasta power theme, and extravagantly so. Here, it is about fully embracing the dreadlocks look. They are clipped into the hair and tied up into a high top-knot to accentuate the models' posture. This trend was coupled with the brightly-coloured hair trend, with woollen pastel-coloured dreadlock postiches. Multi-coloured and incredibly fun, this look is even being sported by it-girls like Kendall Jenner.

How should dreadlocks be worn?

There is no need to dry out your hair with Marseille soap to get your locks to tangle! Opt for hair extensions. They will look just like dreadlocks for an evening out, or longer than that, with the advantage that you can unclip them to get your natural hair back whenever you like.

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