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A list of things to watch for if you want big hair
A list of things to watch for if you want big hair
A list of things to watch for if you want big hair

6 things to watch for if you don't want flat hair


Treatments, haircuts and hairstyles... We take a closer look at the habits which are making your hair look flat.

1. Using overly rich treatments

To get volume at the roots it is important to avoid applying overly nourishing treatments to your locks, which are liable to weigh them down unnecessarily. There is no problem with using an ultra-nourishing mask on damaged hair, but stick to light formulations as much as possible if your hair is in perfect condition or fine. Similarly, do not use excessive amounts when applying the product as it makes the hair limp and lifeless.

2. Opting for a blunt haircut

Although blunt haircuts are all the rage, they have the drawback of flattening your hair down, as your locks are heavier blunt than with layers. To make it look like you have a blunt yet lightweight cut, get a few strands cut around your face and say hello to more volume!

3. Not drying your hair properly

Do you have the right haircut and use all the right treatments? Then don't spoil it all when drying your hair! Always pre-dry your hair with your head upside-down before blow-drying to lift the hair at the roots and puff up your hairstyle.

4. Straightening your locks incorrectly

If your hair is limp and lifeless, the plates on your straighteners will accentuate the problem. For perfect straightening which boosts your hair's volume, opt for blow-dry straightening . To do this, straighten your hair with a flat brush, extending out each strand from the roots down to the tips.

5. Skipping styling products

Fine hair in need of volume, XXL locks which flatten the hairstyle or a short haircut which requires styling in the morning: do not forget to use mousse and texturizing powder. These styling products are essential for coating the hair fibre and giving your locks volume .

6. Overly tightening your hairstyle

Volume is also about styling. To add puffiness to your ponytail, braid or chignon, don't flatten down your hair or overly tighten your hairband. If you accessorise your hairstyle with a hat, don't press it down hard on your head, which is liable to flatten down your locks.

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