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Choose your mask according to your needs
Choose your mask according to your needs

Which mask for which hair type?

The mask is an essential product if you wish to adopt a good hair regime. In fact, it's THE treatment for deeply nourishing your hair. Learn how to choose the right one, so you are guaranteed maximum effectiveness, whist showing off hair which is full of health.

A regenerating mask for dry hair

Your objective: hydrate the hair fibre to restore your hair's shine and softness

Your essential product: the Repair and Radiance Mask from the Oil Therapy range. Its formula is a mix of 3 precious oils (argan, jojoba and date palm). It is designed to hydrate your hair without making it heavy. Your hair will remain shiny, resistant and will perfectly reflect the light for weeks.

A repairing mask for sensitised hair which breaks easily

Your objective: restructure the hair fibre by filling in damaged cuticles.

Your essential product: the Infinite Softness mask from the Keratin Therapy range. This keratin protein enriched treatment repairs the hair fibre by reconstructing it. Your hair is therefore reinforced, hydrated and protected against damage. It becomes supple and soft to touch once more.

A multi-vitamin mask for coloured hair

Your objective: revive your coloured hair's pigments whist preserving its vitality.

Your essential product: the Deep Color mask from the Color Therapy range. Due to its exclusive formula, the Color Stay Complex, it fixes your colour deep within the hair fibre and prolongs its shine long term. But not only that! Enriched in argan butter and vitamins, this treatment also nourishes your hair to keep it looking shiny and feeling soft.

A smoothing mask for those addicted to straightening

Your objective: facilitate straightening by softening the hair and eliminating frizz.

Your essential product: the Control Smoothing Mask from the Liss Therapy range. Its promise? To smooth out the hair fibre's cuticles and to facilitate blow-drying, making the effects of blow-drying last longer. Due to its silk protein and cottonseed oil based formula, it makes your hair as soft as silk, whilst controlling volume and frizz.

A multi-purpose mask for those who don't have time on their hands

Your objective: give your hair maximum treatment with one quick and effective product.

Your essential product: the 10 in 1 Leave-In Spray Express Therapy Mask from the Express Therapy range. This treatment has really got everything going for it if you are always in a rush: it repairs, hydrates, detangles and protects your hair against external damage. You can achieve all of this just by leaving it to soak into damp hair for a few minutes... Just what you need to make your life easier!


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