5 habits which can be harmful to your hair

Styling, washing, drying… We take a look at the beauty habits which can damage your hair.

1. Always styling your hair in the same way

Do you always wear your hair in a chignon bun, your parting to the side or your locks tied back tightly into a slicked-back ponytail? Though practical, this beauty ritual can take its toll on your hair. From time to time, twisted locks and the pressure exerted by hairbands have little impact on the hair fibre. It is when you always style your hair the same way that it becomes weakened. Similarly, straightening your fringe every morning or having the same parting every day can irritate the scalp. Our tip: try out different hairstyles as much as possible!

2. Washing your hair too often

For many women, hair washing is a daily occurrence. However, it highly advised against, even if your roots are too quick to go greasy. Sebum acts as a protective barrier for the hair fibre and it is stripped off with every hairwash. This means that your locks are more exposed to external damaging factors.

3. Using an excessive amount of product

The quantity of product applied is not proportional to the quality of the treatment. In fact, a small amount of conditioner or hair mask is enough to nourish and repair your locks, as long as you leave it to work for the recommended amount of time. Conversely, a surplus of product might weigh down your hair, especially if it is fine.

4. Rubbing your hair to dry it

By rubbing your hair in a towel, you are mistreating it. This seemingly harmless habit tangles up the hair and causes it to become brittle, whilst also promoting static electricity and frizz. The best thing to do? Press each section of hair gently in a towel. This takes longer but is much gentler on your hair.

5. Sleeping with wet hair

Going to bed with wet hair is not at all good for your locks. Due to the water, the hair shaft’s keratin cuticles lift and open, weakening the protective barrier that they form. As a result, your locks are more sensitive to external damaging factors, friction and creases on your pillow. You can expect to have knots and brittle hair when you wake up!

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