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Use your conditioner and mask correctly
Use your conditioner and mask correctly

Conditioner and masks: when to start using them and which one to go for?

Both of these products are applied after shampooing to finish off your hair regime. Read on to learn how to differentiate between them and find out which treatments you should use according to your needs.

Just washing your hair with shampoo isn't enough to protect or repair it from external damaging factors (heated appliances, colouring treatments...). Additional treatments are required to pamper the hair fibre.

Conditioner: for getting rid of knots

The main purpose of conditioner is to soften your hair to facilitate detangling. You start using it from childhood to prevent knots from forming. Apply it as soon as your hair gets tangled, or after each shampoo wash if required. With extremely short haircuts, however, it is not that useful. Yet, it is perfect for maintaining your hair if it is natural and in good health. By placing a protective layer over the hair fibre, conditioner makes your hair softer and shinier.

Masks: for deeply repairing

Unlike conditioner which acts superficially, masks deeply restructure the hair fibre. Only for adult use as they are too rich for children's fine and fragile hair, masks particularly suit dehydrated, sensitised or damaged locks. They are for use once a week or only once a month depending on your hair's condition. Space out how often you use them to repair your locks.

An exceptional duo

It is best to alternate between using a conditioner and masks to avoid the risk of weighing down your hair with excess treatment. Combining both treatments is possible to regenerate distressed locks, damaged by colouring treatments and heated devices.

Treatments adapted to suit every need

Whichever product you use, conditioner always promises to get rid of knots without fail! Ideally, opt for a treatment suited to your hair type, in the same range as the shampoo you usually use. However, be highly selective with the mask. This intensive treatment should be selected according to the nature of your hair. To repair damaged locks, opt for a mask rich in shea which is extremely nourishing. If your roots are quick to go greasy, go for a mask containing green clay which treats excess sebum. For coloured hair, opt for a specific formula to preserve your hair colour's pigments and to boost your locks' shine. Finally, if you are short on time and find it difficult to respect the application times, opt for an express mask.


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