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Jean Louis David Style Bar
Jean Louis David Style Bar
Jean Louis David Style Bar

The Spring-Summer 2016 Collection: what are the new Style Bar hairstyles?


With the Style Bar, say goodbye to bad hair days! Visit the Jean Louis David salons for amazing hairstyles created in 15 minutes, for just 15 euros. We take a closer look at the new styles available to you. Find out which one is perfect for you!

Inspiration for the new Style Bar hairstyles

"This season, we've jumped on the plait phenomenon bandwagon. We have opted for fine plaits, in both a 'hip-hop' and sophisticated style, evoking the 90s. The Valentino Spring-Summer 2016 fashion show during Paris Fashion Week was a real source of inspiration. In fact, on the catwalk, all the models had multiples sleek braids, which kept their hair perfectly out of their faces."

"Furthermore, the theme of this new collection is sport. We therefore wanted hairstyles which are as practical as they are elaborate. The two styles have the same starting base: the hair is held in place at the front of the head with a central plait. Only the plaits on the sides and at the back differ. Finally, we wanted to have contrasting styles: plaits which flatten down the hair and a freely moving ponytail."

Look n°1: the half-up half-down plaited ponytail

Jean Louis David Style Bar hairstyle
Jean Louis David Style Bar hairstyle

"It's an elegant hairstyle which remains very easy to wear. It suits mid-length to long hair. To create this look, the hairdresser begins by forming a plait, starting at the middle of the forehead. The plait is inverted for maximum relief. It stops at the top of the head, then it is held in place with a transparent hair tie. Your hairdresser will then create two braids on the sides to join the first one, forming a high half-up half-down ponytail. Finally, the hair at the back is left down and is slightly wavy for a wavy effect."

Look n°2: the triple-plait for an original hairstyle

Jean Louis David Style Bar plaited hairstyle
Jean Louis David Style Bar plaited hairstyle

"This is an original hairstyle which is ideal for an evening out or if you wish to look sophisticated and stand out from the crowd. To achieve this look, the hairdresser forms a plait going from the middle of the forehead. Just like the first hairstyle, it is an inverted plait to obtain maximum relief. It stops at the top of the head and finishes in a ponytail. At the back, your hairdresser will create two braids and will plait them together to form one larger plait. The final result is as modern as it is unique."

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