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Learn how to get knockout hair for your selfies
Learn how to get knockout hair for your selfies
Learn how to get knockout hair for your selfies

4 hairstyling tips for a successful selfie


Find out how to showcase perfect locks, to feed your selfie addiction without any hair mishaps!

1. Apply styling products sparingly

Although wet look flattened-down hair or a cloud of hairspray are perfect in front of the mirror, once seen through a lens the result isn't quite the same... So that your wet look hair does not get mistaken for greasy locks, and to prevent hairspray residue from looking like dandruff, use styling products sparingly !

2. Add movement to your locks...

A selfie is a photo taken as a snapshot, without really striking a pose, so your hairstyle should be about movement. Say goodbye to poker straight locks, which are too stiff-looking, and opt instead for large natural waves which create movement in your hair. Just before you capture the moment for posterity, gather your locks towards the front over your shoulders and sweep your fringe onto your forehead. Then sweep your hair away from your face and tilt your head slightly: a tip from the professionals for photogenic hair. Is your hair tied back? Pull a few strands out of your updo for a casual look. Making things look natural makes all the difference. And if your hair is short, feel free to mess it up slightly by running your hands through your hair to get the perfect pic.

3 ...And volume too!

It is not easy to have a knockout look on a photo with limp and lifeless locks...To make your hair look its best, boost its volume in the blink of an eye by putting your head upside down and lifting your head back up a few seconds before the selfie is taken. This will add volume at the roots to showcase your locks. Otherwise, ruffle your hair to give maximum volume and smile!

4. Have long hair

It's statistically proven, nice long hair attracts more likes than a pixie crop. This is hardly surprising, as long hair tends to make the face look slimmer... To rock those selfies, grow your hair long!

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