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3 must-have bobs for winter 2015
3 must-have bobs for winter 2015
3 must-have bobs for winter 2015
Styles and trends

3 must-have bobs for winter 2015

This all-time classic style has been spotted on both runways and red carpets, and many celebs and Hollywood A-listers are swapping their long lengths in favor of the much more flattering bob. Whether you opt for an A-line version, a bowl effect or even a long bob, next season’s take on the look is getting a bad-girl make-over with a hint of femininity. Let’s take a closer look at the top 3 looks.
The A-line bob. Whether you wear your A-line bob poker straight or in soft waves, this look is always on-trend, modern and effortlessly elegant. Although the A-line version has taken a back seat these past few years, it is now making a huge comeback-particularly with stars such as Jennifer Aniston, who recently chopped of her lengths in exchange for an edgier bob. Its restructured nature combined with added volume makes this hairstyle a real winner. The good news? The look is perfect for all hair types…so what are you waiting for?!
The bowl bob. Here, the bob is straightened all-over and turned inwards to create a bowl-effect. Thanks to its instant volumising action around the sides, this look is ideal for balancing facial proportions-especially oval, square and triangular-shaped faces. To really nail the chic aspect of this look, opt for a heavy fringe, just like Anna Wintour, or simply opt for layered bangs around the front to frame your features. Bangs can work wonders for your overall style, and can easily be swept behind the ears when needed.
The long bob. For those of you who want to go a tad shorter but aren’t ready to commit to a super-short style, the long bob was made for you! The best bit about this version is that you can still tie up your locks for practicality. Change up your look and alternate between updos and loose lengths, straight and curly, add layers or even some high-impact bangs for good measure.
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Find all salons that realize a SPEED BRUSH, Sa SPEED CURL or a SPEED UP DO