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2014’s take on the A-line bob
2014’s take on the A-line bob

2014’s take on the A-line bob

Are you one of those people who think that the sharp, A-line bob is outdated and clichéd? Be prepared to change your mind when you see the new take on this trend that has been all over the catwalks recently. A sharp, wavy bob looks just as modern as it does elegant. Read on to discover how to re-create this look for yourself!
The trend. The A-line bob has been popular for some years now, though it has traditionally been styled with straight locks, creating a glamorous feel. However, this style is now widely considered to be ‘overly straight’ and slightly old-fashioned. All that this style needs is a new lease of life!
The A-line bob spotted on the runway. This style re-vamp has certainly been a long time coming! After several years of seeing graduated lengths, you can now ditch this look in favour of a shorter, choppier effect. Today, instead of wearing the classic version of the A-line bob, put your straighteners to one side and embrace your natural waves. Why not create a more dynamic finish to your bob, with added movement and body? Surfer-girl waves are just what this look needs.
How to copy the runway bob. Head to your salon to discuss your desired look with your stylist. Not only will you need to discuss the length of your new style, you will also need to find out how to create beautiful waves. Will you opt for an in-salon treatment to leave you with permanent curls, or simply choose a styling product to tame your hair into beachy, tousled waves? It’s up to you to decide which option will suit you best on a day-to-day basis. What better way to get ready for summer than choosing a brand new hairstyle?
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