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Find out all the benefits of a gloss treatment for your hair.
Find out all the benefits of a gloss treatment for your hair.

3 good reasons to opt for a hair gloss treatment

Is your hair tired and dull? It is about time you enhanced your hair's radiant shine. Head to your local Jean Louis David salon to make the most of the Gloss treatment: an exclusive technique which has umpteen benefits for your locks. Here's why...

A completely natural result

A semi-permanent colouring treatment, the Gloss boosts your hair's radiant shine. Thanks to this technique, your locks' natural highlights will be revived for an ultra-glossy tone-on-tone effect which will gradually fade after about a month. To prolong its effects, it is highly recommended that you use targeted treatments, such as those from Jean Louis David's Color Therapy range.

Zero grown-out roots with the Gloss treatment!

Although the Gloss is considered to be a colouring treatment, it does not contain ammonia and its level of oxidation is a lot lower than with traditional colouring techniques. Consequently, when your hair grows out you will not have to worry about the dreaded grown-out roots effect, so you are free to enjoy radiant locks without any constraints.

A technique that suits all hair types

Whether you have fine, thick, curly or straight hair, you can benefit from the Gloss treatment without a problem. This is also the case if your colour is natural or not, fair or dark. However, although the Gloss treatment can correct blonde highlights by either warming them up or lightening them, when applied to brown hair this treatment will solely boost shine.


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