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All you need to know about the (ammonia-free) tone-on-tone colouring method
All you need to know about the (ammonia-free) tone-on-tone colouring method
All you need to know about the (ammonia-free) tone-on-tone colouring method
Hair colouring

All you need to know about the (ammonia-free) tone-on-tone colouring method


Tone-on-tone colouring really has got everything going for it: it allows you to change your look and it gives your colour luminous shine. It does all of this without weakening your hair. We take a closer look at this exclusive Jean Louis David technique!

What does this technique consist of?

At Jean Louis David, this technique corresponds to a Gloss treatment. "It is only carried out in salons. The product is applied to your hair for 10 to 20 minutes, according to your desired result. Due to its acidic PH, it holds onto the upper part of the hair shaft. It will therefore temporarily add different tones to your colour, giving it extreme shine."

"The Gloss treatment adapts to all textures and types of hair"

Luis Faria

Which effects does it create?

Above all, tone-on-tone hair colouring is for creating depth in your hair. "It cannot lighten your hair, but it can potentially darken it. Furthermore, it adds an ultimate shine to your locks. Tone-on-tone colouring can fix highlights, such as making a blonde less yellow. We also can apply it to hair which has been permanently coloured. When carrying out any touch-ups, we apply a new colour just at the roots. Then we apply a tone-on-tone colouring to the mid lengths and the tips, just to revive the whole look."

On the other hand, the Gloss treatment is used as a finishing touch to other colouring techniques. "This is the case for the Sunlight technique. Your hairdresser applies it as a finishing touch to enhance your whole look. Finally, you can opt for a 100% transparent Gloss treatment. The product used is neutral and allows you to keep your natural colour. It acts like a varnish on your hair."

How can I take care of it?

Tone-on-tone hair colouring fades gradually as you wash your hair, until it completely disappears. No underlying colour will appear when it comes out. Therefore it ages very well with time. It is very easy to maintain. At home, adopt the Color Therapy regime. Finally, visit your hairdresser every 6 weeks if you wish to boost your colour's shine.

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