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3 festive hairstyles for Christmas day 2014
3 festive hairstyles for Christmas day 2014
3 festive hairstyles for Christmas day 2014
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3 festive hairstyles for Christmas day 2014

Although Christmas is that time of the year when gifts are exchanged and families get together, it’s also the perfect occasion to get dressed up, down to the very last detail: sparkly heels, diamanté encrusted necklaces and, of course, a chic hairstyle. Why not try our Christmas-approved looks: the bowl chignon, side hair and sixties quiff?
The bowl chignon. This look is a sure-fire winner for the festive season as it opens up the face, reveals the nape of the neck as well as perfectly showing off any jewellery you might be wearing. Create the wow-factor and opt for oversized faux-diamond earrings with precious stones and gold plated details. To create the bowl chignon, give your locks some texture with the help of dry shampoo or a pea-sized amount of styling wax. Allow the front section of your style to hang loose at the front and gather the rest of your hair into a high ponytail, securing with an elastic. Taking a fine-toothed comb, backcomb the ends slightly to add some volume. To form your bun chignon shape, loosely twist the lengths of your ponytail around the base. Next, take the loose front section and sweep backwards towards your chignon, wrapping around the base to conceal your hair tie. If your hair is on the heavy side, try clipping a few bobby pins into your chignon for a stronger hold.
Side hair. This simple-to-style look oozes glamour and is a signature hairstyle for many of the stars. Start by giving your locks some texture with a volumising mousse that will boost the root area. Next, part your hair to one side and gather the lengths onto the side of your choice, resting on your shoulder. Secure the section at the rear by sliding a couple of bobby pins into your style vertically at the base. Give your side hair a glamorous edge by tonging a few pieces with your curling iron. Pair this look with a strapless dress to show off your shoulders.
The sixties quiff. A sixties quiff is the perfect way to catch the attention of a loved one this Christmas. Why not combine yours with a bow detail or satin headband. To get volume at the front, you’ll need to nail your backcombing technique. Take a large section from the very front of your style, close to your forehead. Gently pull upwards with one hand and backcomb at the roots with the opposite. Allow this section to fall back down naturally, then smooth over with a soft brush. As for the rest of your look, you can either leave your lengths loose or opt for a low-slung ponytail.
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