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In 2019, give in to the fringe!
In 2019, give in to the fringe!
In 2019, give in to the fringe!

2019: the year of the fringe?


In 2019, everyone is rocking a fringe. Whether short, long or wispy, discover the most on-trend versions so you will remain at the height of style this year.

Spotted on the catwalk at many of the fashion shows during Spring-Summer 2019 Fashion Week, the fringe is about to make a huge comeback. Just as well, as bangs are an ideal alternative for adding a twist to a haircut without touching the length. If you are still undecided whether to get one or not, this year is the perfect time to take the plunge. Provided you go for one of these on-trend styles, of course...

The blunt XXL fringe

Cut just above the eyebrows, the blunt maxi fringe adds a truly retro feel to your look which is full of character. As a bonus, it draws attention to your eyes. There is no reason why you should not go for this fringe, especially as it suits both ultra-long and short haircuts. The only slight drawback: it tends to give the impression of squeezing your face, especially if you have a small forehead.

The curtain fringe

You cannot beat the curtain fringe for softly framing your face. Split in two and spread evenly either side of the forehead, this fringe is shorter in the centre and longer at the sides. Made popular by Brigitte Bardot in the 1970s, this stylish and feminine style of fringe has the advantage of suiting all hair types and face shapes.

The ultra-short fringe

Reserved for the most daring amongst us, the ultra-short fringe is worn in the centre of the forehead and tapered, 1950s-style. Whether blunt or textured, the "baby fringe", as it is nicknamed, perfectly suits both short and mid-length styles. However, it is not recommended for ultra-long locks as the stark contrast would not look quite right.

The soft wispy fringe

With its lightly unstructured lengths and its ethereal look, the thinned-out wispy fringe is the easiest style of fringe to wear. Both sophisticated and casual, it delicately enhances your facial features. A must-have look that anyone can give in to.

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