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The maxi fringe, our new style asset!
The maxi fringe, our new style asset!
The maxi fringe, our new style asset!

The maxi fringe for maximum style


You cannot beat a fringe for enhancing your look. And when it's the XXL version, that's even more the case. Here's why you should go for the maxi fringe!

An exceptional hair accessory

As it is worn long (cut just below the eyebrows and almost long enough to touch the lashes), and as it also tends to be think, the maxi fringe is a fabulous way to add structure to any haircut. So it's the perfect hair accessory for changing your look without touching your hair's length. It's also a great way to put a twist on your current hairstyle in the blink of an eye...

Who is it suited to?

This XXL fringe suits pretty much everyone, except those with a small forehead as it might hide too much of the face. However, if you have a long face, get this look right away as it will balance it out, concealing your larger forehead.

The maxi fringe suits all hair types, and can be styled in any number of ways: straight or curved on straight hair; with loose curls for a tousled look; as a full fringe on fine hair at the risk of thinning out your locks slightly or thinned out at the tips on thick hair to lighten the whole haircut. So, why not give it a go?

How can it boost my style?

Worn long and thick, your fringe will immediately add character to your haircut and will enhance your eyes to give you a seductive mysterious look. This means that it makes boyish haircuts look more feminine in the blink of an eye and is a real lifesaver for those wanting to go from long to short in style! With long hair, it looks best when blended in, giving you a rock chick or irresistibly Bohemian look.

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