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Take a closer look at our styling products
Take a closer look at our styling products

[True Fact] Are styling products your hair's allies?

Whether it's for sculpting, coating or fixing, styling products are quite simply essential on a day to day basis! But if you keep using them, are they still good for your hair? We tell you everything you need to know.

Styling products enhance your hair: TRUE!

Yes, it's one of their main purposes! Use them prior to styling for dynamic, soft and shiny hair. Apply Design Mousse to eliminate frizz, coat the hair fibre or maximise the volume of your fine hair. Opt for Perfect Curls to structure your curls, giving them definition and hold. Apply Beach Spray to obtain a wavy effect. Maximise your hair's depth with Texture Powder. Finally, smooth out and illuminate your hair by applying Brush Cream or CC Cream.

Styling products are also remarkable for finishing off your hairstyles. Design Gel is essential for flattening down your hair or for adopting the wet look. Furthermore, a few sprays of Shine Spray will give your hair ultimate shine, whilst Fix Spray is essential for obtaining flawless hold.

Styling products can treat your hair: FALSE!

The main use of these products is to facilitate styling. They are short-lived and work superficially to improve your hair's finish. In fact, they don't deeply penetrate the hair fibre, but work on the hair's structure. Therefore, they are not used for maintaining your hair and remain complementary to your hair treatments.

Styling products make your hair heavy: TRUE AND FALSE!

If used well, your products shouldn't make your hair heavy, stick together or create a stiff effect. They are all designed to preserve your hair's softness and tone. Therefore, apply them lightly: apply a mist of hairspray, thinly spread out a drop of cream or apply just a small amount of gel.


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