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This up-do is a real must-have look that every girl should know how to style. Generally very simple to create, you can vary the end-result in seconds. Easy-to-style, whether you opt for a high ponytail or low-slung version, rest assured your ponytail can be tailored to suit your individual tastes. Give your look a messy vibe for a more boho-take on this trend or keep things sleek for a chic finish. This hairstyle is oh-so versatile and is practical too!

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How do you create a wrap-around split ponytail?
How do you create a wrap-around split ponytail?

A bit 90's but incredibly chic, the wrap-around split ponytail is the new favourite hairstyle amongst female fashionistas. Stylish and distinctive, it breathes fresh air into a standard high ponytail. Are you ready to follow this guide and learn how to create one? 1. Create a slicked-back look at the front of the hairstyle Detangle your locks...

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