How do you create a wrap-around split ponytail?

A bit 90’s but incredibly chic, the wrap-around split ponytail is the new favourite hairstyle amongst female fashionistas. Stylish and distinctive, it breathes fresh air into a standard high ponytail. Are you ready to follow this guide and learn how to create one?

1. Create a slicked-back look at the front of the hairstyle

Detangle your locks thoroughly before sweeping them backwards using a hairbrush. Be sure to smooth down your hair on top to flatten down your roots and brush your hair in the correct direction for forming the high ponytail. Then hold back your hair with your hand whilst applying a cloud of hairspray to hold the slicked-back look in place, as well as to prevent frizz from spoiling it all.

2. Form the high up-do on top of your head

Select a large section of hair from the locks you are holding in your hand and leave it loose when tying up your hair into a ponytail using a transparent hairband. Then, pick up the section you have left to one side to conceal your hairband by wrapping it around the point where the ponytail is tied. Hold it in place with a flat hairpin to hide the tips.

3. Spread out your locks to split your up-do

The rest of your hair will fall down the length of your back. It is down to you to split your ponytail into two equal parts to spread out your hair evenly on the left and right to frame your face. It’s that detail which will make your up-do look distinctive.

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