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Caring for greasy hair

SectionCaring for greasy hair

Sick of limp, greasy hair that is flat and lifeless? There are a few things you can try out to address the problem. Discover our must-try products to regulate sebum production as well as tips to help rebalance your scalp. Learn how to prevent hair from becoming oily quickly to ensure your hair is glossy, not greasy.

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Greasy hair: Bad haircare regime habits to break
Caring for greasy hair
Greasy hair: Bad haircare regime habits to break

Are greasy roots and glistening locks ruining your life despite treatments? This is bound to be down to bad habits... Here are 7 habits that you should break to say goodbye to greasy hair once and for all! Running your hands through your hair all the time This repetitive action is not without consequence as it stimulates the sebaceous glands...

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