Thick, greasy hair: the ideal haircare regime

Although thick hair has a tendency to be dry, sometimes it can go greasy a lot faster than other hair types. Fortunately, this minor hair inconvenience is resolvable. Here are some top tips on what you can do to pamper your thick, greasy locks.

Contrary to what you may think, the thickness of your hair is not enough to determine what type it is. Voluminous locks can also be dry, lacklustre, full of split ends, prone to dandruff… And they can even produce excessive amounts of sebum. If this is the case for you, read on and check out our haircare regime, specifically tailored to thick, greasy locks.

Purify your roots

As greasy hair is connected to overactive sebaceous glands, it is a good idea to use a purifying shampoo with softening and astringent properties, such as the shampoo from Jean Louis David’s Control Therapy range. This is an ideal product for regulating sebum production. Consider switching it with a mild shampoo every other wash to keep the balance of your scalp healthy.

Reduce the water temperature

Hot water is really hard on the scalp. The result: to defend itself, it produces even more sebum. You can break this vicious circle by reducing the temperature of the water you rinse products out with.

Detangling your hair

As thick hair is prone to knots, it is essential to take time to detangle your locks. Use conditioner, preferably one that is not overly nourishing to prevent your hair from being weighed down, and only apply it to the lengths.

Opt for air drying

Stop using a hairdryer, which tends to amplify volume. Instead opt for air drying. However, if you are in a rush, you can of course use your hairdryer, as long as it is set to a low temperature to prevent the volume from getting out of control and to avoid scalp irritation.

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