Thick hair: which colouring treatments will help control volume?

As glamorous as your thick hair is, it is not always easy to control its volume. Fortunately, some colouring techniques can give the illusion of reducing your hair’s density. Just what you need to make your life easier!

Despite all of your efforts, are you unsure how to control the volume of your thick hair? Have you ever considered colouring your locks? By playing with light and contrasts, you can create an optical illusion which gives the impression of reduced volume. We take a closer look at the various techniques available to you.

Choosing a glossy block colour

The more a colour is made up of an array of shades, the more it tends to accentuate the impression of volume. If you have thick hair, especially short hair prone to the “helmet hair” effect, it is better to choose a uniform, glossy colour, which will revive your natural base shade without weighing it down. A beautiful jet-black shade, for example, can prove to be an excellent solution.

Playing with darker streaks

If you are set on adding contrast to your haircut, say goodbye to highlights and ombré techniques which add lighter strands to your natural base. Again, this will only pump up the volume. Instead, enhancing your locks with darker streaks will seemingly reduce the volume in no time at all.

As you can no doubt imagine, these techniques require the expertise of a professional. It is best to enlist a professional colourist for your voluminous locks. They will determine with you the technique and colour that is best suited to your hair type.

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