Thick hair: which kind of fringe should I opt for?

Fringes are definitely a feature in on-trend haircuts: curtain, rounded, asymmetrical, etc. They can be seen at all the hottest fashion shows. But which one would suit your thick hair the best?

Do you want to get a fringe? Choose a style to suit your taste, but above all, make sure you take your hair type into account when deciding which fringe to go for. On thick hair a fringe can make the hair look even thicker, add structure to it or conversely, lighten up the whole look. Here are three types of fringe to enhance your features.

The curtain fringe


This fringe is separated into two (hence its name) and layered down to the cheeks.

What style does it give you? Very easy to style, this fringe can give you a relaxed look to suit all circumstances.

Go for this fringe if you have fine straight hair. Otherwise, it becomes a lot less practical as it must be blow-dry styled every day.

Top tip. This style is a great alternative for those wishing to grow out a fringe, as it enables a smooth transition to fringe-less locks.

The babydoll fringe


This fringe is thick, straight, blunt, curved and frizz-free .

What style does it give you? For a chic look, it should be brow length. It looks very sophisticated when coupled with a chignon, and impish with your hair down.

Go for this fringe if your hair is long enough, as curving your fringe by blow-drying will make it look markedly shorter. To look good, your hair should be long enough so that the fringe covers the eyebrows.

Top tip. To touch up your hair throughout the day, get your hands on an ionic brush which will smooth and add shine to your hair.

The thinned-out fringe


This is a light, thinned-out unstructured fringe.

What style does it give you? It enhances small faces and short haircuts. It adds a fresh look to curly hair.

Go for this fringe if you have supple, relatively thick hair as it will stay in place and showcase your curls.

Tip. To make this fringe look more sophisticated for an evening out, slick it down with some gel.

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