Shampoo conundrum: greasy roost vs dry ends

You usually choose your shampoo depending on your hair type, right? However, this shouldn’t be your only criteria for picking a quality shampoo. There are a few other key tips to consider before picking the right one for you. The pros reveal how to find the perfect shampoo.
The two most important things to take into consideration when buying shampoo are ‘your hair type and how healthy your hair is in general. You can find out your hair type by looking at your roots and how healthy your hair is by judging the lengths and ends of your locks. For example, your hair type might be curly hair, or straight, with dry or greasy lengths. There are multiple combinations, so you have to find out which combination you have first and foremost’.
Once you know what your hair type is, buy a few different types of shampoo and vary them. ‘In fact, it’s better to vary the shampoo you use regularly, especially if you wash your hair frequently. Try using a shampoo that will work with your hair type (i.e. curly/straight/wavy) and another to keep your hair healthy and balance any irregularities (i.e. greasiness/ dry ends). Our hair builds up a resistance to shampoos very quickly, which is why you should alternate between two to make them effective.’
Another tip is to make sure you never wash your hair more than twice in one go. ‘The more frequently you wash your hair, the less shampoo you need to use. If you feel like your hair isn’t really clean after your first wash, try washing hair twice, but use a shampoo that is gentle and won’t strip the hair of its natural oils.
Our tip. If you’re struggling to identify your hair type, don’t worry. Head down to your salon and ask your stylist for some advice. They will be able to tell you which hair type you have and how to combat any problem areas.


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