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Caring for dry hair

SectionCaring for dry hair

Do you suffer from dry hair? Ensure you nourish dry locks, from root to tip. Say goodbye to broken hair that is drab and dull. Who needs frizz, split ends and coarse texture when using targeted haircare products that nourish and hydrate deeply will banish bad hair? Your goal? Make styling easier, hair softer and appear shinier than ever.

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Émilie Hebert's thoughts on rice protein
Caring for dry hair
Émilie Hebert's thoughts on rice protein

1. Could you briefly introduce yourself? Émilie Hébert: I'm a beauty consultant, a freelance formulation developer, the founder of Make it beauty (an ethical and organic concept store) and also the author of several books on "green" cosmetics. 2. What are the properties of rice protein? É.H: In three words: rice protein is hydrating, softening...

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