SOS dry hair: top tips for the right regime

Are your locks rough to touch and dehydrated? Here are a few tips on what you can do to get your hair back into full health.

1. Apply a nourishing mask after shampooing

This is the must-have treatment for saying goodbye to the ‘straw effect’. Concentrated with active ingredients, hair masks rehydrate the hair fibres deeply to repair them. Opt for a regenerating product such as the Repair and Radiance Mask from Jean Louis David’s Oil Therapy range which fulfils the needs of dry hair without weighing it down.

Good to know: to facilitate the penetration of active ingredients, wrap your hair in a warm towel during the application time. This will make the treatment even more effective.

2. Use a hydrating leave-in treatment

This is for applying after your usual hair regime and also as a touch-up throughout the day if your locks feel rough to the touch. It prolongs the benefits of your shampoo and mask by providing your hair with continuous hydration and it protects your locks from external damaging factors to prevent them drying out even more.

3. Protect the hair fibres from heated appliances

Are you a big fan of blow-drying, straightening or creating curls with curling tongs? Protect your locks from overheating by applying a thermo-active treatment to your hair. It acts as a shield to prevent the water contained in the hair fibres from evaporating from the heat, which can make it dry and brittle.

4. Stop running your hands through your hair

This is a bad habit which is particularly damaging for dry hair as it makes it more prone to breakage. Whether you (re)style your locks all the time or you are constantly and unconsciously fiddling with them, these repeated movements can weaken your hair even more.

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