Dry hair: 3 express treatments to hydrate your locks

Masks, creams and serums: three Jean Louis David treatments for express hydration. Take a closer look at the products we have chosen.

Sun, salt, chlorine…there are so many elements which dry out your hair. This causes your locks to be dull, lacking in tone and often makes the tips break. With curly or wavy hair, the sebum has difficulty circulating due to frizz. As a result, your locks are lacking in hydration, above all at the tips. The solution? Targeted treatments to restore your hair’s shine, even when you don’t have much time on your hands.

1. 10 in 1 Leave-In Spray Mask just after shampooing

This leave-in treatment has several benefits. It hydrates your hair from the very first application, it facilitates detangling, nourishes your locks and protects them from external damaging factors. Your strands will be more supple, shinier and softer to touch. Once you have washed and wrung out your hair, spray the product in the palm of your hand. Apply it to the lengths of your hair and the tips (the most sensitive areas of your hair). Pass a comb through it to properly spread out the treatment. You can find this product in the Express Therapy range.

2. Urban Style CC Cream before styling

You will most likely have heard of CC Cream for your face. Jean Louis David has developed its own version for your hair. Halfway between a treatment and a styling product, it hydrates, protects and repairs your hair with a thermo-hydrating formula. Apply the product to clean and dry hair: the tips and the lengths. You do not need to rinse it off.

3. Urban Style Nutri-serum for touch-ups on your hair

This serum hydrates, nourishes and coats the hair fibre. On top of that, it gives your locks instant shine and makes your hair capture the light better. Heat up a small amount in the palm of your hands and apply it to dry hair at the tips. Its fluid, non-greasy texture makes it easier for it to penetrate the hair. This product is very practical before a meeting. At home, you can also use it on damp hair. For example, apply a few drops before blow-drying for frizz-free straightened locks.

If your hair is particularly dehydrated, combine these treatments for a more intense regime. The must-have products? A combination of shampoo, a mask and treatments enriched in plant oils to maximise the effects. With the Oil Therapy range, you benefit from a formula made up of three oils for triple action. Hydrating jojoba, nourishing argan and anti-oxidant date palm oils.

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