Which plant oils are beneficial for my dry hair?

Are your locks desperately dry and wiry? It is time to give them an oil soak to regenerate them! Here are the top 5 plant oils to try to get rid of the ‘straw effect’ once and for all.

1. Sweet almond oil to maintain hydration

This clever oil coats the hair fibre to trap water deep inside, and acts as a substitute for sebum which your hair lacks! Rich in hydrating agents, it treats dry locks whilst preventing dehydration for hair that is soft and full of vitality in the long term.

2. Coconut oil for express effectiveness

Extremely fine yet ultra-nourishing, this is the ultimate SOS oil for hair in distress as coconut oil penetrates the hair fibre very quickly to repair your locks instantly. Rich in lauric acid, which is similar to the natural proteins found in hair, this oil strengthens your locks and coats them in its indulgent scent. Totally addictive!

3. Shea oil for very dry hair

Shea butter is packed with minerals, fatty acids and vitamins, which gives it the top spot in terms of natural butters with reparative active ingredients. The oil derived from it is the perfect aid for naturally dry, frizzy or curly hair. Use it liberally!

4. Broccoli oil for fine hair

This ultra-light oil rich in vitamins A, C, K and calcium is an excellent haircare agent as it instantly hydrates your locks without weighing them down. It is a real lifesaver for those who want soft hydrated locks without compromising on volume!

5. Argan oil for the tips

Ultra-nourishing but relatively greasy, argan oil is ideal for hydrating the tips (the driest part of your hair) with its antioxidant properties. Use it as an all-over hair mask if your locks are thick and apply it just to the tips if your locks are fine, to avoid making them limp and lifeless.

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