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Take a closer look at this advice for keeping your hair in full health.
Take a closer look at this advice for keeping your hair in full health.

Why put your hair up before going to bed?

At first, the idea of going to sleep with your hair up might seem strange. But think again - it's an excellent way to keep your hair's vitality. Benefits, advice and tips to try out... We have taken a closer look.

To protect your hair

The rubbing of your hair against the pillow is one way in which it can get damaged due to friction. Over time, the hair fibre gets worn, in particular if your hair is fine, already damage-prone owing to a chemical process (colouring, bleaching) or fragile by nature (curly hair). If this sounds like your hair, systematically put your hair up to considerably reduce friction. Another more sophisticated alternative: leave your hair down and sleep on a satin pillow: a natural material that your hair will glide over without getting damaged.

Our advice. No need to apply additional treatments before going to bed. Night time is the ideal time to let your scalp breathe. The only exception is if your hair is fragile or damage-prone. If that is the case, before going to bed, apply an oil soak to your hair 1 to 4 times a month depending on its condition.

To keep your hair tangle-free

At night, when you move, your hair tends to get tangled up, especially if you have XXL locks. Before going to bed, thoroughly detangle your hair using a natural hair hairbrush. Then create whichever tied-up style you wish - a bun, braid or a ponytail - to keep it soft and to prevent knots from forming. This is great for easing styling when you wake up.

Our advice. Whatever you do, do not fasten your hairband too tightly, to ensure maximum comfort without irritating the scalp.

To curl your hair

Braiding your hair before bed is a remarkable tip for creating heat-free curls and preventing your locks from drying out. First of all, put braids in your hair and hold them in place with elasticated hairbands. The more braids you make, the thicker your hair will look. Depending on your desired look, opt for braids flat against the head for structured curls or standard (3 strand) braids for soft, floaty waves.

Our advice. In the morning, once you have taken out your braids, place your fingers at your roots and shake out your hair. This technique allows you to loosen the curls slightly for a more natural look.


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