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The bowl cut or pixie crop: find the ideal fringe to enhance your hairstyle.
The bowl cut or pixie crop: find the ideal fringe to enhance your hairstyle.

Which fringes suit short haircuts?

Want to put a twist on your short haircut? How about braving a fringe? Before you take the plunge with this new hair adventure, find out how to choose the right one to suit your haircut and style.

A straight fringe with a bowl cut

Do you want to give in to the flagship haircut of the season: the bowl cut? Good idea! To get the really on-trend look couple it with a straight, blunt fringe that comes down to your eyebrows. In just one snip, your new bangs can add style and a touch of modernity to your bowl cut.

An asymmetric fringe for a rock'n'bold look

To put a punk chic twist on your short haircut, the asymmetric fringe is ideal. See for yourself the Autumn-Winter 2017/2018 tomboy look by Jean Louis David. It is structured by a fringe starting midway down your forehead, curving halfway across and then dropping down longer to eyebrow length.

The mini fringe for maximum style points

If you dare to try it, the mini fringe is a hot trend on the catwalks this season, with a fringe hardly barely reaching midway down your forehead combined with short hair for an unusual bold hairstyle. Whether blunt or layered, it structures your haircut. This season's must-have look? Couplng it with a short bob which is right on trend this autumn. But remember, this look is only for the most daring.

The long fringe to create contrast

No, long fringes are not just for long hair, take it from our experts!! With that preconceived idea out of the window, there is nothing stopping you from going for this fringe which is a favourite amongst stylists. The idea? To play with contrasting lengths to add a feminine touch to your short haircut. The perfect combo: a thinned-out fringe falling down to eye-length (no longer) + a short layered cut.


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