Which beach hairstyles are suited to curly hair?

Curly, unruly hair often has a mind of its own. To enjoy your summer without a care in the world, try out our 3 beach hairstyles specifically designed with curls in mind.

Side-swept hair

Showcase your curly locks with the perfect compromise between loose and tied-up hair: side-swept locks. To tame your naturally wavy hair , simply gather it all to one side of your face and hold it in place on the opposite side using a few flat hairpins. Choose ones the same colour as your hair and feel free to layer them by crossing them over so that they hold back your curls.

The French twist

Are you a fan of beach volleyball and watersports? A half-up half-down hairstyle is out of the question as you run the risk of knots forming and hair getting in your eyes. Instead, opt for a clever chignon which will keep the hair off your face. To create this twist, gather your hair at the nape of your neck, as if you were going to form a low ponytail, then twist your locks. Next, lift your hair up to the top of your head, flattening it down, and create this beach style French twist , holding it in place with hairpins all the way up. A good tip? Put the pins in in the opposite direction to which the hair grows, so they hook onto your hair and the hairstyle remains in place.

Hair tied back with a scarf

To give your curly hair free rein without getting curls in your eyes, opt for an accessory such as a scarf or headband and use it to tie your hair back. To do this, place the scarf at the hairline above your forehead. Lean forward to lift all of your hair “up” with your head upside-down. Tie the fabric at the nape of your neck without pulling on your locks. Lift your head back up, then, spread a small amount of nourishing treatment through your hair to add definition to your curls. Now you are ready for a day at the beach!

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