What to do with knots

Your hair tends to get knotty when you haven’t been brushing or looking after it. Some people find it a lot easier to untangle their hair whereas others find it to be a lot bigger a job. Here’s a look at some ways to get rid of knots.
Whatever you do, don’t leave them to get worse. “Your hairdresser can’t cut your hair if it is full of knots. Start by trying to get them out with a brush. If you really can’t get rid of them, try with a comb. Combs have fine, close-knit teeth that help untangle your hair and stop new knots from forming.”
There are certain products you can use to stop knots from being formed in your hair. “Applying an untangling balm to your mid-lengths and ends can help prevent knots. There are also keratin-based masks or products that help to deeply repair the fibre and prevent knots.”
Tying your hair up also stops knots from being formed. “Hair gets knotty when we play with it out of habit or when we’re outside on a windy day.”
Our tip: Having your ends trimmed regularly will leave your hair looking nice and healthy. Visit your hairdresser at least twice per year.
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