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Take a look at these tweets spotted by the editing team.
Take a look at these tweets spotted by the editing team.
Take a look at these tweets spotted by the editing team.

Twitthair: hair-related tweets of the month


Whether you're a Twitter addict or simply curious, it's time to take a look at some hair-related tweets. Here we go!

Curious pests

#There are people dancing in his hair

@BegeyOfficiel isn't just a fan of tweeting, he has an eye for spotting the obvious too. YES, there are people dancing in his hair!

The hairless wonder

#I've lost so much of my hair I don't know how I still have any left on my head

Don't worry Margaux, although on average we lose between 30 and 80 hairs a day, a head of hair has between 100,000 and 150,000 hairs, so there is a long way to go! Also, the change from summer to autumn/winter has an impact on our hair with greater hair loss in certain months due to seasonal changes.

No overcooked baguettes please

#When you don't know if you are getting an NVQ in hairdressing or baking

No need to choose between them @T_115_, you've come up with a great idea! By following this fabulous tradition, your locks will be straight... dead straight, or should we say bread straight!

Life's too hard

#I can't wait to rinse my hair, sleeping with castor oil in is a nightmare!

Ah yes @cheoreom, wmee feel your pain, but it takes what it takes to strengthen your locks! Applying a good amount to your hair whilst watching a film and washing it out after is more than enough.

In a trance from being stroked

#When someone plays with my hair

Someone looks their hair really that thick?

Studies show some men trump others in the hair loss department

#According to an American study, 4 out of 5 men lose their hair by drinking water

The proof is in the image.

The figures have spoken

#Would you prefer to lose your hair or become extremely hairy?

- 37% lose your hair

- 63% become very hairy

OK, we understand why you'd want to have hair. But with having to style your excessive arm hair with mousse and 30 birds following their new nest around, what would you choose?

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