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Everything you need to know about seasonal hair loss.
Everything you need to know about seasonal hair loss.

Hair: how to prepare for seasonal hair loss

Every day, you lose between 50 and 100 hairs. A natural phenomenon which may be intensified with the changing seasons. Here are a few tips so you can prevent this kind of hair loss from happening.

What is seasonal hair loss?

During spring and summer, sun rays stimulate hair growth. In autumn, this process slows down and hairs at the end of their life fall out in greater abundance. This phenomenon can go completely unnoticed for some and can be considerable for others.

How can I detect it?

To find out if you are subject to seasonal hair loss, you just need to do a quick test. Run your hands through your hair several times, going over the whole area and put any hairs you collect on a white sheet of paper. If you have gathered up more than 15, it is highly likely you have seasonal hair loss. When it comes to normal seasonal hair loss, it shouldn't last more than 4 weeks, 6 weeks maximum. Beyond that, you must consult your doctor to try and establish the cause.

If this is a natural phenomenon, why try to prevent it? To ensure better regrowth and to prevent your hair from thinning or falling out in excessive amounts.

Preventative vitamins

To limit hair loss and to above all boost hair growth, it is essential to consume nutrients which are particularly beneficial for your skin and scalp. Opt for fruit and vegetables to get those essential vitamins, but also foods rich in carnitine. This amino acid is found in large quantities in beef, pork, cod or even avocado and it strengthens hair and can prevent hair loss. Easy to use, supplements are a great alternative to ensure you get the recommended daily amounts and to reinforce intake efficiency.

Castor oil to stimulate growth

Highly popular since ancient times, castor oil is a concentrate of vitamin E. It has anti-oxidising and incredible regenerative virtues . Furthermore, it promotes blood micro-circulation in the scalp and it nourishes roots, fortifying them. With castor oil, hair loss can be dramatically slowed down. As it is extremely oily, castor oil is generally applied before you go to bed, directly to your roots.

A massage for suppleness

Your hair grows on very fine skin so your scalp requires specific attention. Without treatment, it tends to lose its flexibility and it gradually ends up sticking to your head. This results in blood not being able to circulate deeply, making hair poorly oxygenated, dull and weak- a process which could aggravate hair loss, whether it be seasonal or not. A 2-3 minute massage when shampooing your hair is sometimes enough to counteract this phenomenon.

When should you start to worry?

If after six weeks your hair still continues to fall out, other factors (stress, depression, mental disorders etc...) could be the root cause. If this is the case, it is imperative to consult a dermatologist to obtain a specialised treatment and to slow down hair loss.


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