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The zigzag headband
The zigzag headband
The zigzag headband
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The zigzag headband

Also known as the teeth or comb headband, this was a must-have accessory in the 90s and now in 2012 it’s rising back up the ranks. Spotted on the catwalk for Roland Mouret’s Spring-Summer 2012 collection, it’s time to get the zigzag headband back out of your drawers!

The principle behind the zigzag headband. Half-brush, half-headband, the zigzag headband is generally made of plastic. This accessory is flexible yet solid and is worn around the head. This headband has a series of teeth that grip the hair, showing a zigzag effect at the front of the head. Versions in the form of a circular band are secured at the nape of the neck, simply by attaching its teeth together. The headband version sits behind the ears.
Who for? This zigzag headband is a far cry from the Alice bands you wear to get that sweet and innocent look! The teeth headband accessorises any simple hairstyle, and looks fab worn on its own or used simply to push your hair back. The great thing about this headband is that it fits all heads and hair types, long or short, curly or straight.
Style your hair with a zigzag headband. One condition if you want to wear your comb headband with style: hair down! If you have short hair, why not work the slicked-back effect it gives you by opting for a wet look with the help of a styling gel. On mid-length or long, wavy or curly hair, up the volume by applying a styling mousse once the band is in place. Then, with a hair dryer, work your fingers through your hair to get your style looking fit for royalty! As for straight hair, pull your hair back and let it fall naturally over or behind your shoulders.
© Pixelformula / Roland Mouret prêt-à-porter show, Spring-Summer 2012 © Jean Louis David
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Find all salons that realize a SPEED BRUSH, Sa SPEED CURL or a SPEED UP DO