The secret of glossy locks

Is your hair dull? Give it a shine boost by following our special regime for getting ultra-glossy locks!

Regular brushing

This daily task may seem trivial and yet it is essential for making your hair shiny. By brushing your hair, you rid your locks of any residue from styling products, dust and impurities accumulated throughout the day which can contribute to making your hair lacklustre. Furthermore, brushing also allows you to spread out sebum from the roots down to the tips, making the hair glisten and thus restoring its shine. So you should brush your hair twice a day, once in the morning and once at night to get beautifully glossy locks.

A vinegar rinse…

This grandmother’s recipe has been passed down through the ages as it works really well! To revive your hair’s shine, you cannot beat a mix of wine vinegar diluted in water for rinsing after shampooing and applying your standard hair mask. This hair vinegar closes up the hair fibres’ cuticles and limits the impact of hard water on the fibres, making it as shiny as can be.

… or at least a cold water rinse

Do you find the smell of vinegar too unpleasant? Here is a simple but effective alternative straight from the tap: cold water. It closes the cuticles and smooths them down to perfection to better reflect the light. This is an effective and easy option for boosting your hair’s shine.

A leave-in treatment to add lustre to your locks

This is a smart product to use at any time, in damp wrung out or dry hair, for smoothing down the cuticles and coating them in a shiny gloss. Opt for a treatment such as the Nutrition and Luminosity oil from the Oil Therapy range which will fortify and boost your locks’ shine with its trio of precious oils (argan, jojoba and date palm).

The Gloss treatment for boosting your hair’s shine

This is our hairstylists’ secret for giving you ultra-glossy locks when you leave the salon. The Gloss treatment is a tone-on-tone colouring technique exclusive to Jean Louis David which acts as a varnish on the hair fibres to create luminous highlights. It suits all colours and types, whether it be natural or previously coloured. The Gloss treatment places a super-shiny veil over your locks which will last for several weeks and fades out gradually without creating that unsightly ‘obvious roots’ effect.

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