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The Nutrition & Luminosity Oil for shiny hair.
The Nutrition & Luminosity Oil for shiny hair.
The Nutrition & Luminosity Oil for shiny hair.
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Take a closer look at, the Nutrition & Luminosity Oil from the Oil Therapy range


Jean Louis David has created this treatment to nourish and strengthen your hair, whatever its nature. What are the secrets of its exclusive formula? How do you use it? How can you maximise its effectiveness? Here's everything you need to know.

What is Nutrition & Luminosity Oil's promise?

Its aim is to nourish and deeply restructure the hair fibre. When applied regularly, it strengthens your hair whilst boosting its shine. This treatment is made up of three precious oils (argan, jojoba and date palm) , giving it protective, reparative and anti-oxidising properties. It is also enriched in proteins and oleic acid to ensure your hair is perfectly hydrated.

Who is this oil for?

The Nutrition & Luminosity Oil suits all types of hair, whatever the nature or texture. Once you have applied it, you hair will be instantly enhanced. Furthermore, this light oil is remarkable for nourishing and coating the thickest and most sensitive of hair, without making it greasy. By using it, say goodbye to frizz and make way for perfectly tame hair!

The plus point? Its fresh and delicate fragrance will follow you throughout the day.

How do I use Oil Therapy oil?

Apply it to the lengths and tips, preferably to either dried or wrung out hair. If you have damaged or split ends , feel free to focus on this area by helping the product soak in using your fingers. Once you have applied the oil all over your hair, proceed to styling. For a moment of intense nutrition, also apply it before shampooing with an oil bath . This ritual is necessary if your hair is very dry or frizzy.

Our advice: maximise the effectiveness of the oil by completing your hair regime with Moisture and Lightness Shampoo and the Repair and Radiance Mask which are also part of the Oil Therapy range .

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