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The fan chignon
The fan chignon

The fan chignon

Chignons have a way of reinventing themselves every season for hairstyles that match the times. For a structured, feminine style, the ballerina bun has long been your hairstyle of choice. We’ve found an even more sophisticated version at Gucci – the fan chignon!


The chignon trend. In winter, the chignon allows you to sport a structured, sophisticated hairstyle. In summer, it allows you to tie your hair up with style for a more casual look. For spring-summer 2013, it’s back to the body-boosted chignon bun along with more tousled chignons such as the 30-second chignon, which is tied up quickly for a dishevelled effect. The backcombed chignon is also great for a big, rounded chignon, and, finally, the glossy chignon for an irresistible just-back-from-the-beach look.
A closer look at the fan chignon. The fan chignon is a more structured version of the ballerina bun. Spotted at Gucci during Milan Fashion Week, this style is placed at the nape of the neck, like the ballerina bun, and looks fabulous when the hair at the top of the head is worn slick.
How to create the fan chignon. Straighten your hair and create a centre parting. Slick your hair down and tie into a low ponytail. To give it a wet-look effect, use a touch of gel to slick it back. Now separate your ponytail into two horizontal sections, one on top of the other. With the lower section, create a sort of loop by folding the ponytail inwards. Then fix it in place using bun pins. Next, twist the upper section and roll it around the base of the ponytail by passing it through the loop. Fix in place. To create the fan, it’s best to use synthetic hair (the same colour as your natural hair), coated with gel to give it the shape you’re after and straighten it out. Secure inside your chignon.
© Pixelformula / Backstage at the Gucci prêt-à-porter show, Spring-Summer 2013 © Jean Louis David
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