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Take a look at this ponytail with a difference
Take a look at this ponytail with a difference

The bubble ponytail

Quick and easy to do, the bubble ponytail is one of the simplest hairstyles for a super stylish result.

In 2015, this hairstyle took the beauty world by storm by making an appearance at the Valentino fashion show. It-girls have since been falling for this sophisticated version of the ponytail! What is its distinctive feature? The "bubble" effect (hence the name) created by putting in several elasticated hairbands at equal distances down the ponytail.

Who is it for?

The bubble ponytail is perfect for long locks, but it can also be done on shoulder length hair. It particularly enhances naturally thick hair, and gives more thickness to fine hair. NB: For the best possible results, curly hair must be straightened before embarking on this style.

A tutorial in 5 minutes flat

To do a bubble ponytail, you will need straighteners or surf spray (salt water) if you want to keep your hair wavy, elasticated hairbands which are transparent or as close to your hair colour as possible, and a can of hairspray.

Step 1: Prepare your hair

Straighten your hair if your hair is curly, or if you want to create a neat hairstyle. Alternatively, scrunch your hair with surf spray if you prefer a floaty, Bohemian finish.

Step 2: Put your hair up in a ponytail

If you have mid-length hair, create two high ponytails, one above the other. Concealed by the highest one, the lower ponytail will lengthen the hair by a few centimetres. If you have long locks, you can either do a high ponytail, have it halfway up or at the nape of your neck depending on the desired result.

Step 3: Create the sections

Gather the two ponytails together to form just one, if you used the tip mentioned in Step 2. Put in hairbands at three centimetre intervals down the ponytail in order to create the bubbles. If you wish, wrap strands of hair around the hairbands to hide them. Then go over the sections with your fingers to create a bouffant effect. Finish off the whole look with hairspray.


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