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The braided headband
The braided headband
The braided headband
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The braided headband

This hairstyle, a celeb favourite and popular catwalk accessory, is making a strong appearance for this new season. Less sweet and innocent that its spring-summer version, the headband braid gives you a neo-bourgeois look, more bohemian but still uber-chic.

The natural braided headband. You’ll need long hair for this one. That way you can use your own hair to create the braided headband. Create a horizontal parting near the front of your head, holding the front section and pulling the rest of your hair back. Take this front section and start braiding it, starting at the roots just next to your ear and continuing over the front of your head to the other side. Tighten the braid to get your style bang on-trend. Secure at the back of your neck and work on the rest of your hair. Leave it down or gather into a ponytail or chignon.

The ready-made braided headband. If your hair isn’t long enough to create this braid or you don’t think you’re skilful enough, buy yourself a ready-made braided headband! This sits near your forehead, just like a stretch headband, and ties at the nape of your neck. Leave your hair down to hide the bottom of the headband for a cute and natural effect.

Tips from the pros. If you’re doing it yourself, avoid washing your hair on the day. Your hair tends to slide when it’s too clean. Use a layer of hairspray to keep your style in place once finished. If you’re buying a braided headband, choose one that matches your natural hair colour as closely as possible to avoid any undesirable contrasts.

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Find all salons that realize a SPEED BRUSH, Sa SPEED CURL or a SPEED UP DO