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This summer, your hair will be the envy of the whole beach !
This summer, your hair will be the envy of the whole beach !

Summer holidays: 3 essential hair treatments for your suitcase

The summer holidays have arrived! Time to get your swimsuits, beach towels, sandals and sun cream out. However, to complete your set of summer must-haves, be sure to pop targeted hair treatments into your suitcase as well. We take a closer look at the essentials.

Although the harmful effects of the sun on our skin have been deeply instilled in us, we still tend to forget the damage that UV rays can inflict on our hair. Dehydration, split ends, scalp irritation ... these disadvantages can be avoided thanks to our special summer beauty regime.

1) Reparative shampoo

As the sun dries your hair out after long hours sunbathing, it is advisable to go all out to treat your locks, especially if you have naturally dry hair. What do you need? A reparative shampoo to strengthen the hair fibre, such as the one from the Go Repair range is perfect for this kind of situation.

2) A nourishing product

A second essential is a nourishing mask. Truly pampering for your locks, this product will revitalise the hair fibres and make your hair more supple. This is exactly what you need to prevent the straw effect and to enjoy sunbathing without a worry in the world.

3) An oil treatment

The longer and more frequent the sun exposure, the more you need to pamper your locks. For ultimate hydration and maximum nutrition, finish off your regime with a treatment oil. This miracle product deeply penetrates the hair fibres. The result is hair that is regenerated and protected against external damaging factors. A small tip: go for 100% plant-based formulae and choose an oil which is targeted to your hair's needs.


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